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Doonagore Theft Trilogy

 Author Arthur Cola Completes
Doonagore Theft Trilogy

Riots in the streets, protests against people of a different faith, political unrest against immigrants, struggles for freedom and equality, and confronting evil are something we read in our newspapers or watch on television. But these are happening not in the present day but in 19 century America. These are just some of what the characters created by Chicago born writer, Arthur Cola, must experience as they embark on a life changing adventure which follows them from being youngsters to teens to young adults.

 The Doonagore Theft Trilogy, as Cola refers to his three novels of the series is a coming of age tale. It begins with the novel “Journey of Three Pure Hearts.” In its pages you will be introduced to the main characters of the saga, James Shields, Aengus O’Flaherty and Meghan O’Grady. You’ll meet them in the famine ravaged land of Ireland in the mid-1800’s. Then just as they enter their teen years you will feel the sea beneath you and be rocked by a sailing vessel, called the Cushla Machree, which takes them from their homeland to a new land where the streets are reported as being paved with gold.

   In book two, “Pure and Tarnished Hearts” your journey continues, in New York City and Philadelphia, as these three young people under the guidance of Father Thomas O’Malley must face a very different America than that of today. As they encounter riots against them and their kind just because they are immigrants and are of the Catholic faith, they never lose hope. They join together with fellow immigrants to form the “Celtic Warriors” which becomes a 19 century singing sensation. The American dream becomes real for them as they receive support from a Bishop, a nightclub owner and three high society American girls of New York City who become part of their show. As they deal with their own developing sexuality, you will laugh and you will feel their struggle to learn about love. As they commit to serve the Lord and remain strong in their faith despite those who would see them silenced you will feel outrage. But through it all, the author feels that you will see in his characters real people who just, as those of today, must look at themselves and decide what they wish to do with their lives as they answer the silent chime of the cracked bell.

  All of these struggles and triumphs come to a climax in book three of the series. “’Torn and United Hearts’ will be available on Kindle and Amazon this summer, as are all my books,” says Arthur Cola. In this final book of the trilogy, the characters come face to face with the horror of slavery, and the unsettling realization that there are different kinds of love. “How they deal with those varied expressions will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart,” Cola believes. Their adventures in pre-civil war America will have them working with Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad as they attempt to rescue a fugitive slave. You will journey with them as they combat evil, elevate the principles on which America was founded, express their faith bravely, sing songs which reflect their past and look to their future, develop an understanding of friendship which is noble and find ways to express their understanding of love as they mature from teens to young adults. “In this final chapter of the lives of the ‘Celtic Warriors,’ the author says, “you will see a vision of America which is still developing as these Irish Immigrants, Italian artist immigrant, high society New York City girls, and southern boys (one black and one white) become bound one to the other by faith in their Creator, hope in America and love for each other and for those principles of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

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