Legendary Tales of Arthur Cola - Historical Fiction and MysteryTales for your Reading pleasure
Book about three teens who leave Ireland during the famine to seek a new life in America.
“Bro-Mance” and “Romance”
in Victorian Era Ireland and America
Arthur Cola has woven a coming of age tale in “Journey of Three Pure Hearts.”  The tale takes three teens in famine devastated Ireland on a Journey to America. Experience their life adventure as their families seek to give them a future of hope in the land of golden opportunity by placing their trust in Father Thomas O'Malley who becomes their shepherd and teacher on the Journey. Join James Shields, Aengus O’Flaherty and Meghan O’Grady as their lives become entangled in a triangle of friendship which grows into something more as a vocation to the priesthood is tested, boys start to become men, prejudice presents itself in a violent manner and love binds friend to friend, man to woman and “brother” to “brother.”

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