Legendary Tales of Arthur Cola - Historical Fiction and MysteryTales for your Reading pleasure
About Us
The Legendary Tales of Arthur Cola is based on the belief that readers are seeking unique stories which revolve around some of the most exciting times in history and born from legends which have  thrilled us for centuries while also containing messages of faith, hope and love as well as characters which families may relate to and real historical characters who inspire and excite.   Our team is committed to sending you a copy of your chosen books in a timely manner with the author's signature and a dedication to the person(s) whom you list for the inscription.  As a result, you will soon receive a beautifully rendered novel with adventure tales appealing to a wide audience. Check out each of the books in subsequent pages.  
We would welcome the opportunity to share stories which will touch your heart, inspire your spirit, have you caught in a kidnapping in St. Peter's Square in Rome, meeting the voluptuous curator of the Michelangelo Exhibit in Trafalger Square in London and meeting a King on the tower of Blarney Castle in Ireland to mention a few. 
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